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Kiersa playing Autumn Splendor

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Kiersa's Life

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Nov. 2004- Photos of sister  Jasmine's 16th Birthday.
Oct. 2004- Photo of  Kiersa doing the Limbo.
March 2004- Photos of Kiersa playing on her first soccer team!
See  Jasmine, Kiersa and Julieann.
Visit our  Family Photo Albums.
Check our Family Tree.
Kiersa's Videos
More to come so check back.
June 2005- Chet took these 5 mb videos
of Kiersa's family drag racing:
Whiplash    |   Jasmine takes off early  

A note she wrote when she was 6-
Good morning dad and mom. 
Do you think you could slide down a rainbow? 
If you do, give me thumbs up, if you don’t, give me thumbs down. 
If one day you think you can but the next day you think you can’t …
raise your hand! 
Love Kiersa


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